Pet Policy

As part of our commitment to provide the highest level of service to our guests, The Adolphus welcomes pets of thirty pounds or less, staying with their owners (one pet per room). The pet accommodation rate is an additional $50.00 per stay and is posted to the room. A refundable $100 deposit is required and will be returned upon departure. By signing below you agree to abide by the provisions of the hotel’s pet policy:

  • Pets are not allowed in The Adolphus restaurants.
  • Pets cannot be left unattended at any time, including the guest room.
  • Pets are not permitted on hotel furniture, including beds. Should there be any damage to hotel furnishings (furniture, fabrics, and fixtures), it is at the sole discretion of the hotel to assess such damage and determine the replacement or repair cost – and bill the pet owner for such damage.
  • A pet that becomes aggressive or whose behavior upsets another guest must be removed from The Adolphus upon request.
  • The pet owner is liable for any room rate adjustments to neighboring guest rooms for any disturbances the pet may cause. There is no limit to these rate adjustments or lost revenue.
  • Pet owners accept full responsibility for any and all liability, claims, losses, costs and expenses (including attorney fees) for personal injury or property damage that may result from the pet’s behavior. The payments and/or reimbursements for such damage is payable on demand.
  • Pet owners agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend The Adolphus, its owners, agents and employees from any and all liability, claims, losses, costs and expenses (including attorney fees) arising out of or relating to any claim for personal injury or property damage caused by the pet.